Ways to Prepare Your Car before Having It Detailed

Before diving into the process of detailing, there are some things that you definitely need to do both for you and your vehicle’s safety. In this article, we will be discussing with you a checklist of the things you need to do to prepare your car to be detailed: 

 Rinse your car 

Rinsing your vehicle well is the first step to prepare your vehicle for car detailing. You really need to do this before you can even wash your car to get rid of any loose grime or dirt and provide your wheels some love and care. This is an extremely crucial step so that if you go to scrub your vehicle, you will not unintentionally scratch the paint by pushing the grime and dirt around. Hence, make sure to rinse your car first and thoroughly do it.  

Wash your car 

After rinsing your car, you need to also have to thoroughly wash it as a part of your preparation for auto detailing service. You should do this and make sure that your car is clean before getting into auto detailing’s more detailed part. If you do this, you need to prepare 2 buckets: one for rinsing and one with soap. With this, you’ll be able to rinse the dirt and grime off of your sponge or cloth without making your soap water dirty and filthy to work with. See to it that you wash your vehicle thoroughly starting from the top to bottom, frequently rinse your sponge or cloth also to avoid smearing dirt. 

Dry your vehicle 

You need to dry your vehicle thoroughly after washing your vehicle and after you have finished the process of auto detailing. Begin from the top portion of your car and then work your way down by using a microfiber cloth to wipe away the water. You don’t have to apply any pressure to the cloth similar to how you do it while you’re washing your car.  

Drying methods include 2 types, which are the patting and pulling.  

  • Patting—this method only requires a cloth folded into a square shape as you lightly pat it on your vehicle to get rid of the water.  
  • Pulling—this method also requires cloth as you lay it over a section and then smoothly pull it off by the corners. This technique helps to eliminate the water since the towel’s weight is enough.  

Regardless of which method you apply to dry your car, just guarantee to eliminate all the water to stop water spots from developing.  

As soon as you have all finished the steps provided above, you are prepared to begin doing the crucial parts of auto detailing. Never forget to layer a protective wax over it so that your effort won’t go to waste. But, if this appears to be a task that you cannot handle by yourself, then hire the best Diamonds auto detailer in town who are skilled in auto detailing and maintaining your vehicles efficiently.