Main Differences between Car Detailing and Carwash 

Perhaps you’ve been into a situation where you had your vehicle washed many times and some guys persuade you to have your car detailed. Do you know the difference between the two? Both procedures basically have the same goal since they make sure that your automobile’s looking clean free from dirt and dust. But, the procedure significantly differs in some aspects. To know more, keep on reading this article: 

Main Objective 

A car wash intends to assist in terms of removing daily salt, tar, dust, dirt, and other natural debris on the clear coat of your car. Because of this, you’ll think about having a quick car wash after a long drive over the dusty roads to make it immaculately clean again. 

Meanwhile, car detailing targets on aiming for your vehicle’s new look. Compared to a car wash, the process of car detailing is more detailed. The objective is to prolong the life of the vehicle by stopping frequent wear and tear. Consequently, you could place your car in the market at a higher price after having it detailed. 


Compared to car detailing, car washing isn’t as intense since it just involves a fast solution to frequently clean your car’s exterior parts. Some car wash dealers offer wheel cleaning, clear-coat protection, and undercarriage wash at an additional payment. Commonly, power washes are utilized to remove any grime or dirt on the surface.  

On the other hand, car detailing involves maintaining and cleaning both your vehicle’s exterior and interior. It includes detailing, waxing, and washing the exterior parts. For the interior, it is detailed, deep cleaned, and vacuumed. Some services include waxing, carpet shampooing, headlight restoration, engine bay deep cleaning, and paint polishing. 

How frequent it is performed 

It is advised to do car washing at least once per week. Bit, you may think about doing it more frequently once it’s open to debris and dirt elements.  

It is recommended to have your car detailed semi-annually. Meaning, you have to do it at least after 6 months or twice per year. The regularity of car detailing may differ when your vehicle is susceptible to wear and tear since the main goal is to boost the longevity of your vehicle. 


An automatic car wash could take up 15 minutes max. But for a hand wash cleaner expert, it might take longer contingent to the car’s size and type. 

Auto detailing can take up a couple of hours until a day, contingent with the repairs needed for your vehicle. 

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